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How Financial Advice Provides Confidence and Wellbeing.

The Statistics

Workplace Wealth Health

Financial education can alleviate one of the major contributors to an individual’s stress; personal financial uncertainty, which impacts psychological wellness.

So as a responsible and progressive employer, you will recognise that investment in a programme that supports and nurtures your workforce and most importantly, their mental wellbeing, is an investment in the future growth and success of your business.

The Consilium Wellness Package

Through consultation with you we can tailor-make workshops, programmes, or seminars to suit your business. Our tried, tested, and successful approach usually takes the form of:

Stage 1:

We listen to your objectives, review existing arrangements, and help you to implement a successful business plan.

Stage 2:

We listen to your employees, review their existing arrangements, and help them to achieve financial stability, giving them wellness within the workplace.

Stage 3:

We review and support your business with ongoing advice to both staff and directors, coordinating and maximising your existing HR and employee benefits package.

Your Business… Your People… Your Futures.

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